Guide to Magical Pai, Thailand

Pai is a place of such chilled out beauty. As soon as we arrived we felt so at home, so happy, and stress free. Within a few days had agreed we could happily live there, spending our days exploring the natural beauty, cafe-hopping, doing yoga, and forgetting what day of the week it is. One of our favourite things about Pai is that there is something for everyone – whether you want to get silly on shroom shakes, go exploring or simply chill out, Pai is just perfect.


  • Visit the Temple on the Hill (Wat Phra That Mae Yen), this huge statue looks even more beautiful around sunset


  • Check out the night market which is on every night, there are so many stalls to buy clothes, souvenirs etc… and theres also lots of delicious food. We went there most nights, and loved slowly making our way to different stalls and shops each night
  • Take a walk around Pai Canyon to take in the insane views


  • Check out the surrounding rice terraces. We were constantly jumping off the scooter as we were driving by to explore these and take photos


  • Head to Yun Lai viewpoint – we were surprised at how much space there was at the top of the viewpoint, and wished we’d taken a little picnic to sit and enjoy the views. Apparently this is a great spot for sunrise too
  • Cool down at the waterfalls – near Pai you can visit Pam Bok, Mae Yen & Mor Paeng waterfalls. We only visited Mor Paeng, and while it wasn’t the biggest waterfall, it was a  really fun atmosphere with everyone chilling, swimming and drinking beer
  • Get a Thai Massage – there’s an abundance of small Thai massage ‘shops’ in town and the few we tried were great, authentic, and super cheap

Eat & Drink… 

One of our favourite things to do (as always) in Pai was eat and drink! Some of our favourite spots for healthy and delicious food were Earth Tone and Om Garden CafeWe found that these places closed quite early – a few of the places we loved in the evening were The Jazz House and Na’s KitchenThere is also so much good street food in the night market!



The coffee in Pai is so delicious! Make sure to plan in plenty of coffee stops – our favourite coffee spot in town was Espresso Bar by Prathom


Getting there 

We went to Pai via Chiang Mai, and opted for the 4 hour bus journey. The other option is to rent a bike and ride there yourself. Both options we had heard horror stories and love stories about because the roads are so windy but the scenery is breathtaking. We’d definitely recommend taking some motion sickness tablets, as we did and had no problems with the bus ride.

We already can’t wait to get back to Pai, next time for longer… hopefully much longer. We’d really recommend visiting when you’re in Thailand.







3 thoughts on “Guide to Magical Pai, Thailand

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