ASWETRAVL Lightroom Presets


Hey guys, thanks for checking out our presets!

We’ve accumulated everything we’ve learnt over the past few years, spending hours editing our photos in Lightroom every day, using the styles that we love in our feed.

So now, whether you’re a Lightroom pro, or if you’ve never used Lightroom before you  can edit photos the way we do at the touch of a button 🙂


This pack includes both the mobile and desktop versions of the 12 presets that we use to edit all of our photos. From vibrant beaches, to moody, desaturated tones, and dreamy pink sunsets – we’re confident we have a preset that works for each photo.

We’ve also included setup guides (it’s super simple) so they’ll be ready to use in minutes!

One thing that we’re sure you’ll love about our preset pack, is that it mirrors the way we edit our photos – rather than stick strictly to one theme, we try to think how each place we visit makes us feel, the things we find the most beautiful, and how we can use the edit to amplify that in a way that catches peoples attention and hopefully gives the same ‘wow’ response you get from seeing a stunning place or witnessing a beautiful moment in real life.

To purchase please head over to our store page here:


Even if you’ve never used Lightroom before, you can use these presets on your mobile device without a subscription!

It’s worth mentioning that each preset is different, and they are originally intended for certain types of photo, which is indicated in the naming. That said, they’re all versatile, and sometimes we find that we love a preset we weren’t expecting on a certain photo – so it’s always worth testing them all out 🙂 We’ve also made this preset pack to work well on both RAW and JPEG photos – which means you will easily be able to use them on your mobile app, laptop or desktop, with photos taken on anything from your phone to a professional camera.

We hope you guys love them as much as we do – we can’t wait to see your photos! On that note, after purchasing our presets, if you would like any personal guidance with using them to edit – we are only ever an email or Instagram DM away, and would love to help 🙂

The Presets included in this pack are:
1 Subtle
2 Moody Blue
3 Beach Chills
4 Vintage Summer
5 Pastel Sands
6 Pastel Blues
7 Moody
8 Jungle Dreaming
9 Bright Sunrise
10 Soft Sunrise
11 Pink Dreamland
12 Peach Skies

You’ll receive an automated email with your unique download link, along with a guide for getting them ready to use (it’s really simple!) as soon as the payment goes through.

Mikey & Chrissie x

Click here to go to our store page!



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