Aswetravl is a little corner of the internet made to inspire adventure. Filled with our photos, guides, and memories which will hopefully help you to make some amazing ones of your own.

In 2017 we quit our office jobs in London, on a mission to make the most out of life. We left our flat, sold our belongings and got on a one way flight to India. This trip completely changed our perception of the world, travel, life and how we want to spend our years on this planet.

We try to travel as sustainably as possible (which means we travel slow). We aren’t interested in racking up stamps in our passport or how many countries we have travelled to just for the sake of it. We’d much rather take our time in one place and get a really great feel for it. You’ll find everything from luxe to budget throughout our site and guides, as we think there is a time and a place for both.

As we travel we want to share our experiences in the hopes that they will inspire and help others do the same.

Mikey & Chrissie